Misrak Flour & Bread Factory

Misrak Flour & Bread Factory, which is located in Addis Ababa. It lays on an area of about 22000 sqm near Gotera. It produces wheat flour and flour products , bread and biscuits with a combined production capacity of about 5,000 tons per year. MFBF was established as a fully state owned enterprise in 1992. It was originally private owned until it was nationalized by the past government. Since 1992 the company is under the supervision of the Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PESA). Currently, MFBF employs a total of about 200 permanent workers.

The GHIONS has recently acquired the company from the state by a formal public bid auction.


MFBF has a capacity of processing 5,000 tons of wheat flour, 3,000 tons of bread, and 300 ton of biscuits. Other bi-products with economic value include animal fodder .


The existing production lines are relatively old. The factory has been operation for over 30 years. It has the following operation units:

  • 5 fully automated silos equipped with high capacity weight bridge, loading unloading system, and bucket conveyor systems the connect to the milling plant
  • Modern milling unit
  • Large storage unit for flour in other inputs
  • Modern fully automated bread production line
  • Modern fully automated biscuit production line
  • Modern packing and labeling unit
  • is not only new but also uses modern production and packaging systems ensuring the processing of products to meet set standards and consumer expectations.

The company has numerous rented shops in key market areas in Addis Ababa
  • Bole branch and distribution outlet
  • Piaza Area distribution outlet
  • Mexico Area distribution outlet

The Ghions acquired the company in line with its Strategic Plan, making a capital expenditure to improve the production quantity , quality and the sales share of the company.