Welcome to the GHIONS

The GHIONs in Ethiopia is the family name of a chain of leading manufacturing & trading companies. It has it’s roots in Woldeher Yizengaw’s ( CEO and owner) retail trade established in 1962. Mr Woldeher Yizengaw is a man endowed with enormous vision and the capability of generating countless business ideas coupled with the resourcefulness to transform ideas into realities. Mr Woldeher’s decades of hard work and inspirational dedication has transformed the once ordinary retail trade into what it now is – the GHIONs - one of the leading manufacturing and trading and service providing companies in Ethiopia

Ghion Industrial and Commercial (GICO)

Ghion Industrial and Commercial (GICO) is a well known company.
It is engaged in manufacturing, trading and transport service industry.


The Ghion Industrial and Chemical Plc(GICS)


GICS is a modern company engaged in the chemical sector of the Ethiopian economy.

It has modern machinery and qualified personnel. GICS has the following resources:


Ghion Gas Plc (GGC)

GGC is a company engaged in the Energy Sector. It currently imports LP gas fills to consumer size cylinders and distributes to the Ethiopian market. GGC import besides LP gas, LPG cylinders and LPG stoves.


Ghion Transport (GTP

GHION transport is a subsidiary enterprise ofGICO. It is engaged in the transportation service of both liquid and dry cargo.

Ghion Transport has over the years won public respect and an excellent customer confidence by meeting the standard requirements of the industry.

The Ghion Packaging Plc (GPP)

GHION packaging plant has been operational for the last 12 months. It is engaged in the manufacturing of custom sized corrugated carton boxes for the Ethiopian customers in the food , chemical and flower sector of the economy.
The company is established in 4500 sqm factory building in Addis Ababa.


Plywood Factory (PF)

GHION Plywood factory is recently acquired plant by auction. The factory is engaged in the production and distribution of plywood with varying thicknesses, home , office and school furnitures.