The Ghion Industrial and Commercial Plc


As a lively and rapidly growing enterprise, GICO’S range and volume of Export are tremendously increasing.

GICO is the leading exporter of Coffee and Beeswax.


Beeswax is a product made from the bi-product of Honey
Ever since the establishment of its Beeswax processing enterprise, GICO has proved to be the leading exporter of pure unadulterated Beeswax for over 48 Years

To maintain the quality of our product we buy quality raw materials and produce it in our factory with modern machineries.

Reputable quality means application of organic raw material and high tech’s. That leads the company to be awarded for quality and excellence at the stage of forign affairs and import partners from Japan and Europ.

Also our customers certify that out product is 100% pure and unadulterated Beeswax. With our best quality and best service and fair price we have a capacity of producing more than 408M/T per year.


In accordance with our vision of export diversification, GICO has the capacity of processing and cleaning standard coffee and has modern coffee hulling, cleaning, grading, sorting and liquoring machinery and equipment. With a view to uplifting its respected status and maintain its best to improve its performance by closely supervising the process of cleaning and dispatching dependable quality coffee.

Major importers of our Coffee are: USA, Canada. Korea, Japan and Australia.