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The factory is currently producing and marketing:

Sodium Hypochlorite

We are the sole producer of Sodium Hypochlorite in Ethiopia. This product is a water treatment chemical it is used in different areas for bacteriological treatment of municipality water, underground spring water and swimming pools. It is also used to sterilize industrial water (Breweries and mineral water bottlers) and equipments in hospitals and others where sterilization is required.

This product is safe to apply, provided the simple safety requirements are compiled with.

• Bleaching Agent

This product is used for decolorizing, cleaning, deodorizing different products. This product is specially used for cleaning clothes and different bathroom equipment.

• G.Melaton

Excellent for washing fruits and vegetables. This special and very popular product of Ghion Chemicals is available at every household and is used to kill germs from food items like Vegetables, fruits, etc…
We are the sole producer of this product and have invested a lot of capital on research and development to successfully make our product competitive with imported products.

• Plastic Bottles

With our high capacity computerized blowing machine, we are able to produce different types of plastic containers which are used for packing different chemical products with whatever mold type to the best satisfaction of the customers requirement..

Just let us know your requirement; and we will make it and make sure you are satisfied!!


Sodium Hypochlorite

Bleaching Agent


Water Guard